Who We Are

Few years ago, while working with few travel companies, we realised practical problems and needs of operational management solutions for travel companies all over the world. Tourism industry being very vast and wide in its scope, posed lot of challenges in putting all pieces together.

Thus, TourSoft was born out of combined vision of influential travel experts as well as outcome of numerous discussions with various travel companies. Hence, we are glad to present our work to all travel companies out there. We are continuously delivering upgrades and trying to cover all the areas of travel industry by keeping an eye on quality and usability.


Saurabh Ambekar

Founder & CEO

"Founded ISMCorp in November 2009 to help companies build their IT infrastructure by understanding their business needs. He is a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from Pune University and has more than 15 years of experience in IT industry. At TourSoft, we work on travel technology projects from various parts of the world. Travel industry being very dynamic and fast changing field, its really challenging to work in this domain and we are glad that we could create some value."

Neha Ambekar

Marketing, Customer Experience

"After having worked in IT industry and serving investment banking companies like Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Hartford Insurance, Neha decided to join team TourSoft to work with its Marketing team and delivering better customer experience. She is passionate about user experience, customer communication, delivery quality and delivering value to the customers."

Sachin Patil

Marketing & Sales

"I am MBA Marketing from University of Pune. I get immense satisfaction from sharing ideas with customers and understanding their unique story in order to impact their business in a positive way. Business fascinates me. Every business is different, and I enjoy finding solutions for their unique needs. Experiencing that travel industry is very interesting and love to provide solution like TourSoft for their pain areas. I have experience in business development, having spent many years growing companies."