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Building a New Travel Website?

Are you thinking of redeveloping your travel website or building a new one? There is a lot to consider including which theme to use, how to structure your content, which features to build, SEO, Security are just among the few. Below we will look at few of these that make important part of initial stage of building a travel website.


Making Tour Operator Software work for you

There are many options out there and you have already tried a few. You struggling to figure out what application best suits your company and business model; as none of the systems fit perfectly into your eco system. You are either considering building a custom one or after all this time, no longer even sure whether you need...


Starting an inbound service? Here's how technology can help you.

If you are thinking of starting an inbound business, which by the way sounds very exciting, obviously requires lot of preparation. Being a travel company yourself you know the challenges and risks of starting a new service and serving entirely different set of customers.


Digital Marketing for Travel Companies

In this article we would take a review of digital marketing and how it could work for travel companies best on our prior experience in this technique. "Digital marketing" has been around for some time and all kinds of organizations employ digital marketing and for some of them it is the only marketing or primary marketing technique. So does it help travel companies too?


How to Maintain a Travel Website

So you have built an amazing website with a modern responsive theme; with all the itineraries, photos, videos and the appropriate content on various pages. You have also accomplished on-page one-time SEO, have put Google analytics on every page, social media widgets and what not. But, if that site is not managed and updated regularly then it can have adverse effect on your business. This is especially crucial in travel business. How does it really affect when content is not updated on regular basis?


What makes your customers come back to you

We have been associated with travel companies in various countries and have seen them surviving and growing through fierce competition from OTAs and non-OTAs both. This brings a key question to our mind, what makes your customers come back to you and where do the travel agents fit in the current scenario. We have tried to analyze and below are some interesting observations.


Website Integrations for Travel Companies

As a travel company, your website is your one of the main marketing tools at your disposal. But soon you realize that having a decent website with latest content alone is not sufficient to grow. There is much more you can do to enhance what you can do with your website with minimal investment. Here we outline some of the tools or services ...